Our Outplacement Process

You are concerned about a socially-acceptable dismissal.

As an employer, you have to make decisions that are difficult and shed a number of employees or managers. We have an outplacement programme for the employees you have to let go to make this as socially acceptable as possible, to protect your reputation as a fair employer and to indicate to the remaining staff that you take your responsibility seriously.

At kempers.partner we use our in-depth market knowledge, extensive network and sophisticated application skills to find suitable new positions quickly.

kempers.partner helps your employees on the road to a new function – individually, professionally and with broad-based expertise.

The costs for an outplacement programme also attract German government support.

The funding possibilities for personnel reduction measures are governed by § 216 SGB (German Social Security Code) III. The legislation aims to provide the departing employee with advice and support in moving as seamlessly as possible to a new position in the primary labour market. This is supported by the Employment Agency with up to 50% (max. 2,500€ per departing employee), subject to certain conditions. Please ask your adviser at the Employment Office.

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