kempers.partner is very well established in the fields of life science, laboratory, analytical and medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Together with their specialized teams, our CEO, Michael Kempers, and his Partner, Dr. Ralf Kliem, organize the search for personnel in the above branches.

Michael Kempers  founded the consultants kempers.partner after 15 years’ experience in management and sales, which was oriented on the direct search for specialists and managerial staff. After studying business economics at the University of Cologne he was active as sales and marketing manager, as well as managing director, in various companies. These positions included Managing Director of the Association of German Laboratory Instrument Manufacturers, as well as Sales and Marketing Manager with Fisher Scientific, the worldwide market leader for laboratory supplies. In his last position he was responsible for international sales activities with cc-hubwoo, a start-up company for electronic acquisition processes founded by leading manufacturers in the chemistry and IT industries. Backed up by his knowledge of the chemistry, pharmaceutical, IT and electronics branches, he supports our customers in recruiting the best candidates for vacant positions. Michael Kempers is a trained business coach.


Dr. Ralf Kliem studied biology at Kaiserslautern University and obtained his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Breeding Research in Cologne. He was then active for six years with an international company in the life science branch, finally as Sales Manager Germany / Austria. This was followed by five years in consultancy, as Project Manager and Associate Partner, with S.U.P Company and Personnel Consultants in Frankfurt, where he was involved in executive search for specialists and managerial staff for medium-sized and large companies in the pharmaceuticals, medical, IT and biotechnology fields.
In 2006 he joined kempers.partner as a partner. Since then the focus of his activities has been looking after and advising customers on the direct search for specialists and managerial staff in the medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences fields.
Dr. Kliem is a trained systemic coach and has more then 16 years’ experience in consultancy and sales.

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