Requirements Analysis

Our way of jointly specifying what your new employee should bring to the table

To enable us to identify and address the employee tailor-made for you, we'll sit down with you in the first step of your recruitment process, to define the specifications your specialists and executives will need to meet down to the last detail. This will, of course, focus on social and personal skills as well as the technical skills.
We achieve this by performing an intensive position and field analysis, and we work closely with you to ascertain your actual need. And the current market and sector situation is naturally an ever-present factor at this point.
We will also prepare a detailed skills profile and - together with you - we will define the weighting given to the various requirement criteria.
What is the actual outcome? By the end of the first step, we will know exactly which professional and personal requirements, skills and abilities your new employee needs to demonstrate. This information is then used for addressing and selecting employees in a targeted manner.

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