Candidate Selection

This is how we perform our targeted selection of talented candidates

Suitable candidates for your company's vacancy have been identified and have indicated their interest.

Now is the time to commence a more intensive level of communication with your potential new employees. This is only ever done on a one-to-one basis and always by our experienced advisers. Based on the relevant CV, your adviser will conduct a detailed structured telephone interview with the candidate. Then, as the process moves forward, the adviser will conduct a face-to-face interview at which point the information provided to date is explored in greater detail and verified. This is how we obtain a detailed picture of the individual experience, skills and suitability of each candidate.

Our search professionals then make their preselection, after having thoroughly compared the candidates against the requirements profile previously prepared for your job assignment. It is on this basis that we prepare our evaluations and a skills profile for the candidates, to give you a comprehensive insight into possible new employees.

Your adviser will then supervise an initial job interview conducted in your company with the candidates that best match your requirements, before then subsequently providing support to all parties after this first meeting.
At this point your adviser will seek feedback from you and from the candidate, as well as providing you with advice and coordinating the process up to the time of the final decision.

kempers.partner will also conduct psychological tests for candidate selection as and when required, or if requested by the client.

If requested, kempers.partner can organise an Assessment Center procedure for individuals or groups of persons.

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