Assessment Centre

Soft skills, leadership potential and a high level of professional skill - the mark of the specialists and managers who are the key to a company’s success today. So how can you be sure that the candidate has the appropriate skills for a vacancy?

The Assessment Centre can provide crucial insights into the potential and skills of a candidate. We use transparent criteria defined with you in advance to simulate a variety of realistic, practice-based situations and observe the way an applicant handles the challenges of everyday business life. The result is a refined SWOT profile, plus clear recommendations.

You get a clear impression of the candidate before you make the appointment, make a safe HR decision and increase the likelihood of a close fit of the applicant to the target position. Applicants also obtain a realistic impression of the expectations and needs of your company, and can make a decision to join you safely and with certainty.

  • Objectification of emplyment decisions through a systematic procedure and the additional impartial perspectives of our consultants 
  • Concrete starting points for focused staff development of successful applicants
  • Reinforcement of your employer image through transparent and fair staff selection
  • Ability to make a fair comparison between internal and external applicants
  • Discreet framework for your staff selection through focusing on individuals and the option to do so at our offices
  • Expertise and in-depth guidance from our consultants.

What sets us apart

Individual concept
The design of the Assessment Centre is tailored individually to the needs of your company. This includes both the selection and creation of scenarios and exercises that relate closely to the requirements of the potential position. We guarantee this through close collaboration with you and through our sector-specific know-how. Together we define performance criteria suited to the position and against which the performance of participants can be measured.

Holistic approach
The Assessment Centre is an additional element in the whole process of employee recruitment, where we accompany you from the search for staff and the direct approach right up to candidate integration. This guarantees continuity in the client/consultant relationship, a pragmatic approach and the client-oriented design of the selection process.

A variety of methods
In our selection process, we work with a combination of different methods and exercise types to assess the skills and potential of a candidate as comprehensively as possible. This includes the simulation of everyday conversations, discussions and presentation situations, as well as the integration of interviews and standardised test methods (e.g. Insights®)

Skilled support
You are accompanied through the entire process by a team of consultants skilled in the area of personnel selection and the conduct of potential-analysis methods.

We place great emphasis on transparent decision-making through a focused target/actual comparison of existing and required competencies. All parties also benefit from the differentiated and constructive feedback of results.

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