Executive Search

Professionalism and specialist expertise for your enterprise

Searching for the right decision-makers and specialists is time-consuming and costly, can often prove challenging and it ties up capacities needed elsewhere. While it may be true that 45 percent of employees have a latent desire to change jobs, you need to use the best search methods available, address people in a persuasive manner and carefully select your targets in order that new specialists and executives will make their way to your company.

Even companies with an internal department for Active Sourcing need external help from time to time:

  • Your target group of potential candidates con not be found on Xing or LinkedIn because they use other networks or are not actively working on the internet at all.
  • Written inquiries from your Sourcers on Xing / LinkedIn are not read or answered by the candidates.
  • Internal Sourcers are reluctant to actually call candidates at work, or they do not want to do so on the corporate side.
  • The occupation of the job should not be publicized in the company.
  • Your company has too many vacancies to handle.
  • An identification of potential candidates by phone is needed.

Real hurdles that you can easily handle - with Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH.

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