Your first step to a new position

The identification of your personal goals comes before a search for a new field of activity. In order to further your career successfully, you must know exactly what your skills and abilities are, as well as your current job situation.
Detailed profiling by Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH is a key factor in this first step towards your future.


Situation analysis

The profiling process at Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH starts with a discussion of your current job situation in order to establish the direction of your professional future. In order to understand the exact motive for your wanting a change, you will have an in-depth discussion with your personal coach to first define the reasons for leaving your current employer. We also focus on your present area of responsibility and your personal performance and success ratio.

This will give you a complete picture of your career situation and you will know exactly where you now stand.

Skills profile

You must be aware of your abilities in order to find your future position. Only if you know exactly what your skills and abilities are, you can submit selective applications and present yourself confidently to the employment market. That is why the next step in our profiling process moves on to an analysis of your personal strengths and weaknesses. We use a variety of methods for this, depending on your wishes and needs.

For example, we conduct the “Talent insights, leadership check” based on the renowned D-I-S-C personality model to obtain a comprehensive picture of your abilities, skills and development potential.

BIP (Bochum Inventory for professional description of personality) provides a job-related instrument for the collection of scientifically proven personality traits which are of great imprtance for your business life. 

I-S-T 2000 R is used by us if you want to get further information abour your cognitive intelligence. The test measures verbal, numeric, and figurative intelligence, memory, general knowledge, and reasoning.

The famous career anchor test from E. Schein sets us both on the track of your personal professional motivation.

We also hold intensive coaching sessions together to help you with the self-reflection process. At the end, we have not only a solid skills profile but also an exact picture of your personal potential and your development opportunities.

Positioning in the employment market

You now know your potential exactly. But does this align with your career aspirations? Finding a match is the last step in your personal profiling. Together with your coach, you develop clear goals for your further career. More precisely, you draft your personal career strategy. In close collaboration with your coach, you define those industries and companies that suit you, the positions you could already fill successfully, and where there is a further need for qualifications. It does not matter whether it is a new position or a step into self-employment, at the end of the process you know where your career can realistically develop. Now you have a focus.
The ideal positioning in the market: your application strategy
After defining your goals, you start the application process. You need to define your personal application strategy in order to be successful in your target environment. You can only find a position that suits your profile if you conduct your job search systematically. Of course, Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH will provide active and focused support for you here.

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