Your new position

Decision coaching

You’ve done it: Several job offers have arrived. kempers.partner will help you with selecting a suitable position, contract negotiations and, if desired, with integration into the new company.


Crunch time

You now have several offers in front of you, all of which suit your capabilities and skills, as well as your future career goals. You now have to make a decision. In order to help you efficiently here, your New Placement coach will join you in analysing the offers on hand and provide you with a comparison of all relevant aspects in a clear and easily understood manner. This will give you a complete overview of your future possibilities so you can make a considered and strategic decision on this basis.

Contract structure

This also forms part of the New Placement process at Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH: advice on the formulation of your new employment contract. We provide coaching to fully prepare you when you enter into concrete contract negotiations. Your consultant will pay special attention to the definition of your salary framework, and draw your attention to the parts of the salary that are variable and those that are fixed. If the contract for your potential new position involves a management role, you can be sure that our experts know which specific features you should look out for.

Integration support

It is possible for your New Placement coach to guide you after you have taken up your new position. Integration coaching can be arranged for the first six months at the new company. Together with your coach, you will discuss the special features of the company culture and the way the new employer communicates, and so obtain guidance on the processes and procedures of the new team. You benefit from integration support from the beginning of your new job, can perform your new tasks faster and more efficiently, and merge more easily with your new team.

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