Aptitude diagnosis in recruiting and consulting

These days, it makes sense to use aptitude diagnosis procedures in recruiting. Due to demographic developments, there are fewer and fewer suitable applicants available for vacancies. We must be able to assess applicants’ potential correctly. In that way, we can recruit employees who will be able to meet the requirements of the position in the future. Furthermore, aptitude diagnosis procedures are very useful for target-oriented personnel development. You can develop strengths and expand competences.

Do you want to form a powerful team and make better use of the synergies between employees? Then aptitude diagnosis procedures also make sense because they enable you to bring different competences together and avoid conflicts.
Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH can offer you the following aptitude diagnosis procedures:

INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights

INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights is a comprehensive, scientifically developed and meaningful test procedure for aptitude diagnosis. This personality test determines individual information about talents, competences, drive systems, behavioral preferences and working methods, for example, and gives you a holistic picture of an applicant’s or employee’s potential. Depending on the position to be filled, you can choose between the “Basic” and “Executive” modules, as well as other specific test options. That way, you always have an overview of the aspects that are decisive in the selection of potential candidates for the individual position. 

Bochum Inventory of Personal Work Features (BIP)

Scientifically based, with essential background knowledge from personnel development, the Bochum Inventory of Personal Work Features, BIP for short, is specifically designed for personnel selection in companies. The focus of the practically oriented test is the determination of meaningful information about a person’s cross-disciplinary competences.
An overall impression of the personality traits relevant to working life is compiled using 17 key competences from four core areas. This allows you to make statements about the suitability of an applicant or employee for a particular vacancy. Interesting about BIP: a comparison of the image derived from the external description sheet can be made with the image in the self-assessment questionnaire. This expands the possibilities for assessing a candidate. The BIP is being developed continuously, so the range of support for your personnel development also increases regularly.

I-S-T 2000 R

The Intelligence Structure Test 2000 R, I-S-T 2000 R for short, is a typical intelligence test. With its help, you can make statements about a total of 11 abilities such as verbal and computational intelligence, memory, logical thinking or the general knowledge of a person. You can add or omit certain elements of the test, depending on the specific requirements of your company. This makes I-S-T 2000 R extremely versatile, for example in the identification of suitable new employees and in the further development of existing staff.


The Bochum Matrix intelligence test, BOMAT® for short, is used to assess the general intelligence of applicants or employees. It uses individual solutions to matrix tasks to measure personal ability to think logically in a complex situation. As BOMAT® is largely language-free, it is particularly suitable for the assessment of people from other cultures. The procedure helps companies with assessments in terms of selection, potential and performance, and is suitable for both application and development situations.

SMART – Occupational Cognitive Competence Test

The SMART – Occupational Cognitive Competence Test is designed to assess general cognitive skills. This intelligence test was developed explicitly for the real business world. Based on the factors of logical reasoning and verbal and numerical competences, SMART allows you to make statements about the cognitive performance of applicants and employees.
The special feature of this test developed by Prof. Martin Kersting, a recognized authority in the area of personnel psychology, is how it works: the range of tasks is based on a theoretical company scenario with different events. This creates a close connection with the real world of work and lays the foundation for an assessment close to everyday life.

Career anchor test according to E. Schein

We can track down your personal professional motivation using this well-known career anchor test.
Identifying your career anchors is an important part of personal career coaching but can also be used independently of that to help determine your career motivation. We will be glad to send you the documents for the career anchor test by post. The subsequent evaluation should be carried out in person or in an online meeting with a coach from Kempers Recruiting & Consulting GmbH.

Do not hesitate to request an individual offer for our aptitude diagnosis procedures.

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