Michael Kempers founded the consultants kempers.partner after 15 years’ experience in management and sales. This was oriented on the direct search for specialists and managerial staff. After studying business economics at the University of Cologne he was active as sales and marketing manager, as well as managing director, in various companies. These positions included Managing Director of the Association of German Laboratory Instrument Manufacturers, as well as Sales and Marketing Manager with Fisher Scientific, the worldwide market leader for laboratory supplies. In his last position he was responsible for international sales activities with cc-hubwoo, a start-up company for electronic acquisition processes founded by leading manufacturers in the chemistry and IT industries. Backed up by his knowledge of the chemistry, pharmaceutical, IT and electronics branches, he supports our customers in recruiting the best candidates for vacant positions. Michael Kempers is a trained business coach.

Dietrich K. Hauffe, earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University and Max-Planck-Institute of Cologne, and continued his academic career at the University of BC, Vancouver, Canada, and Freiburg, Germany. In his professional career, several positions followed with increasing responsibility in the management of globally renowned technology companies for the areas of life science, biotechnology, diagnostics and applied markets. Global management with P&L responsibility, several years of experience as member of executive boards, organizational leadership of a few hundred employees, high customer engagement as well as value-creating management of portfolio and process characterize the professional development of Dr. Hauffe. He spent several years in the U.S.A., and received numerous awards for his successes.

At kempers.partner, Dr. Hauffe will provide professional and individual advice and practice in the search, selection and career development of specialists and executives from the areas of life sciences & biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics industries in Europe and overseas. As a further focus, he will professionally support customers in their endeavor of “Change management” for Organization, Product Portfolio, and Business Performance.

Dr. Ralf Kliem studied biology at Kaiserslautern University and obtained his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Breeding Research in Cologne. He was then active for six years with an international company in the life science branch, finally as Sales Manager Germany / Austria. This was followed by five years in consultancy, as Project Manager and Associate Partner, with S.U.P Company and Personnel Consultants in Frankfurt, involved in executive search for specialists and managerial staff for medium-sized and large companies in the pharmaceuticals, medical, IT and biotechnology fields.
In 2006 he joined kempers.partner as a partner. Since then the focus of his activities has been looking after and advising customers on the direct search for specialists and managerial staff in the medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences fields.
Dr. Kliem is a trained systemic coach and has more then 16 years’ experience in consultancy and sales.

Dr. Rolf Klausmann started his professional career in international sales after his study of mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe and New York, USA, and his doctorate at the Research Center in Karlsruhe. He was active worldwide as Product Manager, Export Manager and Sales Manager with leading companies in the machine tools and fittings industries. Dr. Klausmann managed successful sales organizations and daughter companies. He worked together with a wide range of different cultures and became familiar with many organizational structures. In his final position he was CEO of the largest sales and service company for machine tools in Germany. In this very competitive branch, together with his continually expanding team, he was able to establish a clear increase in the share of the market. With this background experience, his many years’ responsibility for personnel and his continuous further education, including qualifying as a systemic coach, Dr. Klausmann advises our customers in the search and selection of new employees in the mechanical and plant engineering branches.

Jürgen Löffler studied engineering science at TU Hannover. He has more than 30 year’s professional experience as a manager in internationally operating companies and has comprehensive experience of the holistic, process-oriented management of larger divisions.
Since 2006 he has been a consultant, coaching top managers, managers and executives. His vast experience and knowledge of executive management makes him able to develop and successfully implement procedures adapted to the needs of the clients. Systemic coaching training in combination with NLP round off his expertise.
As a result of his vast experience in the automotive / automotive supplier, plant and mechanical engineering, electronics / electrotechnology, IT / communication techniques, and technical chemistry branches Mr. Löffler provides professional advice and support in the search and selection of specialists and senior management.
A further focus of his activities at kempers.partner are the subjects outplacement, inplacement and consulting.

Walter Bösch has extensive experience as a manager in international enterprises operating in the capital goods industry. He served as a business area manager in sales, marketing and service in nine European countries for a global market leader in precision instruments for laboratory, industrial and retail for more than 18 years. Afterwards, he spent six years as Head of Human Resources, responsible for 820 corporate employees. In addition, he was a board member with the Association of German and Swiss laboratory equipment manufacturers for several years, a longtime advisory board member with Analytica, Munich, as well as an honorary judge with the Labor Court in Giessen, Germany.
His work at kempers.partner focuses on customer advice and support for the direct search of specialists and executives in the areas of industrial measurement engineering, mechanical engineering, medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences. Other core competencies include assessment centers, as well as team and organizational development.

Karl M. Lang engineer, M.Sc., spent his professional career at a major, publicly traded company that specializes in measurement engineering. As Division Head, his responsibilities focused on product development, production and marketing, and as Head of the Asia region, on the implementation of growth strategy and business expansion in Asia's rapidly developing countries. As a long-standing member of corporate management, he was decisively involved in the development and implementation of corporate strategy, understanding the coordination between challenging goals, available resources and expectations.

He has been actively supporting enterprises with business expansions in Asia and other emerging markets since stepping into the consulting sector.

Stefanie Keuth studied business economics theory at Cologne University with the main subjects economic and social psychology, procurement and product policy as well as trade and distribution. Even during her studies she was active in the personnel management field. After her studies she was responsible for several years for project management with an international market research institute.
As a project manager Ms. Keuth strengthens our team in personnel recruiting and personnel selection.

Christiane Dickinger worked for international companies in the building industry and automobile components supply industry as personnel developer, recruiter and trainer after her study of human sciences at the University of Cologne, for which she obtained an MA. She uses her many years’ experience in target and result-oriented personnel development and recruiting for competently searching for suitable personnel. Ms. Dickinger is our specialist for outplacement and inplacement.

Simone Flachmann studied geography  in Cologne and worked as an environmental auditor and scientific officer in the area of environmental consulting. After that she provided her expertise as a jobcoach and trainer to unemployed people. For the last 14 years she was responsible as a branch manager and consultant for an international staffing agency, recruiting and placing scientists. Currently she works as a trainer and coach for an academy focused on Life Science Management and since 2015 she supports kempers.partner as a consultant in sales and personnel recruiting and selection.

Katrin Soppe gained experience with an internationally active management consultancy even during her studies of psychology, with the main subject work and organization psychology, at the University of Nijmegen / NL. As project manager there she was active in both the fields of personnel acquisition and personnel development. She strengthens the team as a project manager for professional personnel selection.

Stefanie Eicks studied Biology at the University of Cologne, and after finishing her diploma, she worked several years in a Biotech company as a sales specialist taking care of key accounts in the UK and Iceland. After working as a consultant for a leading testing institute supporting the launch of REACH in the EU in 2010 Stefanie Eicks made her next career step in a recruitment consultancy with focus on placement of specialists with a pharma or scientific background. In 2017 Stefanie Eicks joined kempers.partner as a project manager responsible for personnel recruiting and selection. Identifying the best talent available for your company is her passion.

Arnold Schwark initially studied business economics theory at Paderborn and Seville Universities. He started his career as an industrial administration trainee with a packaging manufacturer and then worked for four years with a large American company in the financial services sector. Mr. Schwark supports us as senior project manager in the recruiting and selection of suitable candidates and in our sales team.

Thomas Lütke-Entrup studied law at the Universities of Trier and Mainz and, after taking his articles in Cologne, worked for several years as project assistant and project manager for well-known institutions in international cooperation. Based on his many years experience in international project management, he provides our team with competent support in the implementation of projects for qualified personnel selection.

Jörg Becker first studied business economics at Giessen, then he worked for six years as a professional researcher in various personnel consultancies. Thanks to his extensive experience in the direct search for specialists and managerial staff in different branches, Mr. Becker is extremely competent in meeting the requirements of our customers in the best possible way.

Andreas Kempers studied European Business Studies in Münster und Hull, GB. During his business career with two international enterprises in the electronics industries he worked successfully as a Product Manager, Sales Manager and Manager strategic marketing and business development. In 2002 he changed into selfemployment as a business consultant for the print and media industry.  Mr. Kempers is a trained systemic coach and graduated from a training to the leadership of groups according to the request of the GTF - group dynamics, trainng and education. He supports kempers.partner as a freelancer in the direct search of qualified candidates.

Torsten Knüpfer after his successful training as an industrial clerk, he studied business economics at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. After his graduation he worked several years in responsible positions in sales & marketing as well as project management for international companies. Based on his wide experience in different international sectors, he provides our team with competent support in the implementation of projects for qualified personnel selection.

Inka Kempers studied social science, then worked for many years as a personnel developer in an international company in the automobile components supply branch. She then took over the personnel management in a consulting firm. The focus of her activities at kempers.partner is newplacement, supporting our customers in the providing career advice, integration of new colleagues, advising managerial staff and employees.

Judith Kohn started her career in the HR department of a global chemical and pharmaceutical company before she studied Business Psychology with the main subjects Personnel- and Organizational Psychology. After her studies, she worked as a specialist for personnel development in a consultancy, and subsequently broadened her experience as an expert for management development and employee selection in a big insurance company. She supports our consulting team mainly as an expert for Assessment Centers, contributing profound knowledge of potential analysis processes, their design and facilitation.

Mareike Schlenkhoff who studied social sciences at Göttingen University with the main subjects of communications science and politics, was also active as project assistant in the personnel development sector during her studies. She then worked for one of the largest insurance companies on the German market in the customer care sector as well as in organization development. As project manager she uses her experience in supporting our team in personnel search and selection.

Marion Frenck trained as an industrial clerk and worked in several positions in Sales and Marketing in fields such as mechanical engineering, telecommunications / IT and consumer goods.
She then spend 3 years working in a recruiting company specialized on Marketing and PR before going freelance as a researcher. Ms Frenck works for kempers.partner as a Researcher in the identification and selection of candidates.

Samela Gahrmann already developed an interest in personnel management during her studies of business administration. After finishing her studies, she thus decided to work in the field of recruiting and personnel development and gained a variety of experiences in national executive search companies as well as training institutes. Ms Gahrmann has successfully completed several professional trainings in her field of work and is currently training for her diploma as a systemic coach. With her comprehensive knowledge Ms Gahrmann is a valued addition to the team of kempers.partner.

Jan Storb studied sports science and then worked for six years as a researcher with well-known personnel consultants in Cologne. With his many years experience in the direct search for specialists and managerial staff, as well as his profound branch knowledge, he complements our team in contacting candidates directly. As project manager he coordinates and optimizes the search process for our customers.

Yves Breidenbach finished his studies of history and German at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf in 2016. He focussed on economic history and journalism. During his studies he gained some experience through internships in the fields of candidate management and project work. Mr. Breidenbach has been with us since July 2016 and is one of our Researchers.

Anja Boenke studied social science at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and worked as an assistant in several consulting firms before joining kempers.partner.
She uses her experience to support our consultants in their day-to-day business.

Karin Möller trained as an industrial clerk and worked many years in different positions in Sales and Accounting in fields like electronics, tool manufacturing, IT as well as in finance and  social agencies.
Since 2005 she uses her many years of experience as an Assistant at kempers.partner.

Svenja Peter, a qualified industrial clerk, already worked in various industrial companies in the office sector during her studies of business economics & management at Osnabrück Technical College, where her main subjects were personnel and events management.
At kempers.partner she first worked as a partner assistant for schedule coordination with customers and candidates. Today she is responsible for accounts and controlling and also the contact for IT-related issues.

Zaneta Stromecka finished her training as an industrial clerk. Then she started her working life at kempers.partner as a partner assistant and is responsible for the support of our consultants  and other assistant activities.